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District of Columbia & Lillio Academy

Can I use Lillio Academy for PD hours in the District of Columbia?

Yes! Lillio Academy is approved through the District of Columbia Trainer Approval Program (TAP) of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Division of Early Learning (DEL), and approved by the DC Professional Development Information System (DCPDIS).

Please Note: All Webinars and Lillio Basic Courses must NOT be submitted to your registry. They do not meet specific learning requirements for the state and will not be accepted if submitted

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District of Columbia Child Care Training Requirements:

In accordance with 5A DCMR §§ 139, child care providers are required to complete between 12-21 hours of professional development annually matching their role and place of work.



Required Training


Child care center

21 hours annually


Child care center

12 hours annually


Home-based center

12 hours annually


Extended home-based center

15 hours annually

Annual training that maintains and updates the health and safety standards shall include:

  • Child abuse and neglect, prevention, detection and reporting

  • Emergency preparation and response planning for emergencies resulting from a natural disaster or a human-caused event

  • Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome and use of safe sleep practices

  • Prevention of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma

  • First aid and CPR

  • Prevention and control of infectious diseases, including immunization

  • Administration of medication consistent with standards for parental or guardian consent     

  • Prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions

  • Building and physical premises safety, including identification of and protection from hazards that can cause bodily injury, such as electrical hazards, bodies of water, and vehicular traffic

  • Handling and storage of hazardous materials and the appropriate disposal of bio-contaminants

  • Identifying, approaching and referring students showing signs of psychological distress to appropriate support services

Annual professional development, beyond the health and safety standards, may include:

  • Developmentally appropriate programming for infants, toddlers, preschool, and/or school-age children

  • Developmentally appropriate methods of positive behavior intervention and support

  •  Inclusion of children with special needs

  • Communication and collaboration with parents, guardians, and families

  • Community health and social services resources for children and families

  • Planning developmentally appropriate programs and activities for children and families

  • Enhancing self-regulation and self-esteem in children

  •  Montessori curriculum, pedagogy, classroom management and other topics specific to the Montessori program, if applicable

  •   Basic or advanced business practices

  • Any other area as determined by OSSE.

Center directors are required to participate in the following training topics:

  • Program management

  • Business operations

  • Evaluations 

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Opening a facility or beginning work in the childcare field:

If you are interested in opening a child care program or working in the child care field, please contact your state licensing agency for the specific requirements, rules and regulations of your state. The District of Columbia licensing website can be found here.

Last Updated: May 2024

Though Lillio attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, educators are individually responsible for understanding the submission and approval process of all professional development and licensing work in their state.

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