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Pending Approval

Mississippi & Lillio Academy

Can I use Lillio Academy for PD hours in Mississippi?

Yes! Lillio Academy is currently approved by the Mississippi Department of Education. 

Please Note: All Webinars and Lillio Basic Courses must NOT be submitted to your registry. They do not meet specific learning requirements for the state and will not be accepted if submitted.
You can still sign up for Lillio Academy to grow your knowledge and skills as an early educator, and connect with other educators on shared learning topics.

Mississippi Child Care Training Requirements 

In accordance with Rule 1.5.8, All providers in the state of Mississippi are required to complete 15 contact hours of staff development accrued during the licensure year annually.

Topic areas include the following:

  • Health and safety

  • Child growth and development

  • Nutrition

  • Planning learning activities

  • Guidance and discipline techniques

  • Linkages with community services

  • Communications and relations with families

  • Detection of child abuse

  • Advocacy for early childhood programs

  • Professional issues

The licensing agency shall approve contact hours for staff development. 

Opening a facility or beginning work in the childcare field:

If you are interested in opening a child care program or working in the child care field, please contact your state licensing agency for your state's specific requirements, rules, and regulations. Mississippi licensing website can be found here.

Last Updated: May 2024

Though Lillio attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, educators are individually responsible for understanding the submission and approval process of all professional development and licensing work in their state.

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