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Nunavut & Lillio Academy

Can I use Lillio Academy for PD hours in Nunavut?

Yes! Lillio Academy certificates are accepted by the Department of Education, Division of Early Learning and Child Care

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Nunavut Child Care Training Requirements:  

In accordance with Section 17 Regulation 52 of Child Day Care Standards Regulations, continual professional development is not required but it is strongly recommended for all staff involved in the delivery of daily child care programming. Providing professional development to center staff involves the following:

  • Encourage that all staff persons take courses or attend seminars or workshops related to child development and care.

  • Identify the training needs of each staff person based on each person’s current qualifications, experience, job description and job goals. Don’t assume that everyone needs the same course or workshop. 

  • Use performance appraisals and inspection reports to pinpoint areas needing improvement and to individualize staff development. 

  • Keep records of staff development participation in each staff person’s personnel file. 

  • Set up coaching, mentoring or peer support programs so that staff can learn from each other. 

  • Ask the Regional Early Childhood Officer for help identifying courses, workshops, conferences and other staff development opportunities. 

  • If possible provide lieu time and/or pay while staff participate in professional development. 

  • Tie pay raises and additional responsibilities, if appropriate, to the staff development activities, particularly if a staff person is taking courses that lead to a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree in child development. 

  • Training programs can be delivered by program operators, the Regional Early Childhood Officer, Nunavut Arctic College and/or other educational institutions, community members or agencies.

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Opening a facility or beginning work in the childcare field:

If you are interested in opening a child care program or working in the child care field, please contact your state licensing agency for the specific requirements, rules, and regulations of your state. The Nunavut licensing website can be found here.

Last Updated: May 2024

Though Lillio attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, educators are individually responsible for understanding the submission and approval process of all professional development and licensing work in their state.

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