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The Childcare Management Software for Superstar Centers

Find out why HiMama is the #1 childcare management tool for daycare providers. Retain more business, create a stronger connection with parents and save tons of time.

The All-in-one Childcare Software

Daily Sheets

Use daily sheets to track meals, naps, activities, and more.

Parent Communication

Delight parents by sharing videos, updates, photos, and more.

Fast Attendance

Check in and check out children with the tap of a button.

Classroom Management

Stay in the loop with what's happening in all your classrooms.


Set up tuition plans, send invoices, and create reports all in one place.

Development Reports

Track every child's development and share notes across all teaching domains.

Thousands of Childcare Managers Love Lillio

97% of customers say our childcare management software makes their programs stand out from others

Our Childcare Management Software is Packed With Features to Simplify Your Center

  • Share real-time updates to keep parents always in the loop! At the end of day, send daily reports including meal and eating recaps, sleep updates, and health information.

  • Manage staff using the same interface. Teachers can clock themselves in and out, and administrators can manage staff certificates and time cards.

  • Create tuition plans and invoices, and collect payments from parents. Streamline your center and never miss a payment again!

Aligns with Frameworks from all US states and Canadian provinces

Lillio's childcare management software makes it easy to tag domain skills and indicators in your daily lesson plans. Plus, we help centers like yours achieve higher quality ratings through increased parent engagement and program quality.

Lillio is the #1 Rated and Reviewed Daycare Software!

With thousands of reviews and a 4.5 star average rating.

Why implement childcare management software?

It’s time for your  child care center to move away from daily reports with paper and pen. The benefits of using child care software are numerous.