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Alaska Family Child Care Association


Location: Alaska

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

Created in 1983, the volunteer run Board of Directors created The Alaska Family Child Care Association (AFCCA). The AFCCA is a not for profit organization whose main focus is on the education of young children and providing community resources to childcare providers across the state of Alaska, focusing on professional home based child care. The association was created to share knowledge and experiences with other members with the intentions of becoming a networking organization, where functions consisted of social events and training was a second function.

The AFCCS began by representing local and state communities, commenting on state licensing regulations. As the AFCCA has rebranded themselves throughout their history, changing their name from Alaska Family Care Society to the current Alaska Family Child Care Association. This change was inspired to continue the professionalism movement. The AFCCA encourages and supports early childhood care through networking, trainings, as well as mentoring. The AFCCA is adamant about their members, indicating that they are whoever the members want them to be. The AFCCA demonstrates this by training those who needs training, giving resources to those who need resources, and so on. The AFCCA strives to provide professionalism, local resources to all members, to review and update bylaws and policies, as well as playing host to fundraising activities to increase the funds of the association to offer more opportunities for their members.

For more information visit the Alaska Family Child Care Association website.

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