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Trusted by 35,000 + customers, Lillio is committed to partnering with early childhood programs of all types and sizes to simplify and streamline center operations, and build programs that lead to success for all young children. Find out how our customers use Lillio to support, elevate, and celebrate high-quality early education.

Helping childcare centers unlock their potential

Two hours/day

saved on lesson planning by Happy Vine Villa


saved in professional development costs by Little Swans Child Care

One hour/day

saved on daily sheets by Uni-Vision Childcare

20 hours/week

saved on billing and payments work by Victory Early Learning Center

How Lillio helped MIGHT Technology & Learning Center achieve a 5-star QRIS rating


Before using Lillio, MIGHT had a 3-star QRIS rating. To increase the center’s rating, their center directors searched for high-quality classroom learning materials (and a robust communication tool) to interact more professionally and meaningfully with parents and families in the center.


MIGHT achieved the highest quality rating of 5 stars just one year later. Implementing Lillio digital curriculum and curriculum kits powered by FunShine Express has served their community exceptionally well.

How Lillio helped Muddy Feet Early Learning demonstrate the value of high-quality care with digital communication


Six years ago, Muddy Feet Early Learning used pen and paper for all their documentation and communication. Activities and daily observations for each child were taking them hours to accomplish, and parents weren’t able to see all the hard work their educators were doing.


They brought Lillio into their center and immediately noticed a change. Lillio helped to not only streamline all their tasks, but also provided a more convenient and professional way to communicate with families.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers are saying!

I honestly can’t imagine not using (Lillio Learning powered by) FunShine Express. It is so organized and convenient, and that is powerful for an educator. It is just not possible to find the time to run around and buy all the materials, order special items, and make lesson plans a month in advance. (Lillio Learning powered by) FunShine really helps us.

Myla Tarelkine

Sunflower Academy

Lillio billing has saved so much time. If I were working a 40 hour week, I was probably dedicating a good 15-20 hours to billing - and that might be being modest. There were invoices to create, phone calls to make, reminders to send, money to collect, trips to the bank. It was not sustainable. With that time back, I can now be in the classrooms more and be the hands on director that I want to be. I am much more available to my staff now

Missy Knechel

Victory Early Learning Academy

We used to be a 3-star facility. Now we are a 5-star nationally accredited facility. 5-star is the absolute highest you can be in the state of Oklahoma. Lillio (formerly HiMama) had a lot to do with that, so thank you very much! We could never imagine leaving Lillio (formerly HiMama)!

Kim Johnson

MIGHT Technology & Learning Center

What I can show for the value of Lillio (formerly HiMama) is that if I were to tell our parents we had to get rid of it, they would revolt. I believe the teachers would as well. I am confident that the parents would even offer to increase their tuition just so we could continue to use Lillio (formerly HiMama).

Doris Gaschler

Regina Eastview DayCare

I have seen a shift over the years as we use Lillio (formerly HiMama). It seems that the parents not only trust us more, but they have started asking our opinion more often, and how they can even continue this quality learning at home

Amanda Shroyer

Muddy Feet Early Learning

This is exactly what parents want, especially parents who are separated. If they are only picking up their child once every other week, they still know they have access to daily communication and photos of their child. Our parent communication surveys improved to 100% satisfaction after we implemented Lillio (formerly HiMama).

Sarah Rhodebeck

Gateway Region YMCA

The biggest piece of value Lillio (formerly HiMama) Academy has brought to me is that I see the potential for actual growth within myself. This is what professional development should be.

Vanessa Brown

Little Swans Childcare

I am noticing my teachers implementing their learning from Lillio (formerly HiMama) Academy in their classrooms. As the person responsible for their growth, that is exactly what you want to see.

Wazhma Masarweh

Resurrection Lutheran Child Development

Lillio (formerly HiMama) helped start the transition from parents thinking we were babysitters, to looking at us as educators. Being able to provide that constant evidence of what we are doing though HiMama, has really helped to increase our level of professionalism

Amanda Shroyer

Muddy Feet Early Learning

Getting that time back in my life has been the number one piece of value for me. Before Lillio billing (formerly HiMama billing), I felt like I was stealing a bit of time from different areas to devote to billing and bookkeeping. I no longer have to do that

Miriam Owens

Bright Beginnings Childcare

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