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Home Daycare App

Turn your home into a top quality center

A home daycare is different than a typical center, providing distinct challenges and rewards. And that is why you need a customized solution. Our software was created with your unique needs in mind, and can bring your center to the next level. Stand out in the community!

Make your home daycare even more professional

  • Have access to beautiful templates so your reports will look polished like the bigger centers out there.

  • Automatically integrates with standard frameworks, including development tags like skills and domains, setting you up for success.

  • Manage your center in a breeze. Say goodbye to paper reports and store all information digitally in one place. You will always stay on top of your game.

Get the recognition your home daycare deserves

97% of customers say our childcare software makes their programs stand out from others

Feeling burned out? We’re here to help

  • Cooking, cleaning, planning, teaching, managing. We get it, there is a lot to deal with at a home care center, and you have to wear multiple hats.

  • Meet your new assistant: HiMama is the perfect tool to help you stay organized. It will save you a ton of time, so you can spend it where it really matters: with the kiddos.

  • Working with paper receipts and manual reports? It is time to go digital. Plus, you can save all that money you normally spend on paper and ink.

Because good things come in small packages

  • Smaller centers can provide a more individualized experience that parents love. It is time to show parents how home-like your daycare really is.

  • Interact with families using our app to share pictures of special moments and messages to and from parents (because communication is a two-way street).

  • There are no strict schedules or rules at your center, and our app is perfect to accommodate that. Register times for check-in, naps, meals, checkout and more, and store them in the cloud.

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