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California Child Care Coordinators Association


Location: California

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The California Child Care Coordinators Association (CCCCA) was created in order to promote, support, as well as enhance local child care efforts and services. The CCCCA identifies and promotes training and support needs to increase professional development and the education of their members. The CCCCA holds quarterly meetings as well as an annual training conference each October.

In order to achieve their goals and fulfill their mission, the CCCCA acts as a common place for individuals within the field of early education to share knowledge, experiences, and information to one another, as well as acting as a resource for addressing major issues. The CCCCA provides the opportunity for collaborations and works with the California Department of Education to establish policies in the child care and development field. Members of the CCCCA must represent a city, county, federal entity or local planning council in the state of California. Members are provided with vast resources including community planning resources, needs assessment data, child care facility development, and website resources.

For more information visit the California Child Care Coordinators Association website.

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