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California Child Development Administrators Association


Location: California

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The California Child Development Administrators Association (CCDAA) came to life in 1943 upon the government sponsorship of Children’s Centers under the Laham Act. This act made working in the war industry accessible for mothers. Upon the completion of The Second World War, government funding was pulled from the Children’s Center, the CCDAA then successfully pushed for funds to continue with the center. In the 1970’s, the CCDAA worked to support new delivery models, funds, alternative payment programs, as well as Family Child Care Home Networks to child care centers across California. Currently, the CCDAA strives to ensure that publicly funded early education and early care programs consist of quality leadership and education that supports children and families in the state.

Throughout their history the CCDAA has achieved great strides for the children of California. In the present day, the association maintains strong leadership and provides assistance to the field. The CCDAA currently provides quality, inclusiveness, diversity, advocacy, integrity, accountability and professional support for all in the field.

The CCDAA is divided into three geographical sections, Northern, Southern, and Central California, teach governed by a separate board. Although monthly meetings are conducted within each section, members from across the state meet annually to work towards a brighter future.

For more information visit the California Child Development Administrators Association website.

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