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Child Care Association of Louisiana


Location: Louisiana

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Child Care Association of Louisiana (CCAL) strives to create a proactive early childhood education community within the state of Louisiana. To achieve this, the CCAL works to educate, advocate, and collaborate with the community and those working within the field. The CCAL works to ensure all children within the state of Louisiana grow to thrive as adults through high-quality early education.

Members of the CCAL not only work towards a proactive community with high-quality early education for all children, they also receive various benefits. Members receive updates and news about the industry of early education regularly. CCAL members also receive discounted rates on conferences as well as being offered the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with their peers. Lastly, members are able to assist in dealing with local and state-wide government issues. CCAL members have the ability to shape the early education community in the state of Louisiana.

For more information visit the Child Care Association of Louisiana website.

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