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Colorado Association of Family and Child Care


Location: Colorado

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Colorado Association of Family and Child Care (CAFCC) is an organization created for the advancement of social welfare in the state of Colorado. The main goals of the association is the education of family child care providers, as well as individuals within the field of child care and community welfare. CAFCC provides high standards and open communication among child care providers, parents and government agencies. The CAFCC aims to increase the understanding of family child care within the state. The CAFCC offers information in regards to educational opportunities available throughout the state to increase quality care. This information is often shared through conferences and training's.

Members of the CAFCC receive various benefits including CAFCC scholarships, discounts, a bi-monthly newsletter that is both an informative and entertaining resource for individuals in the childcare field, brochures and publications. With these benefits members also have access to various training opportunities and workshops. Training offered by the CAFCC include infant and toddler training, leadership training, as well as conferences hosted by the association. Lastly, members have an opportunity through these conferences to obtain re-licensing credit hours while simultaneously networking and growing the child care professional network.

For more information visit the Colorado Association of Family and Child Care website.

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