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Connecticut Child Care Association


Location: Connecticut

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

As a lack of voice for the children and the childcare industry in Connecticut was fighting to many, a group of colleagues and competitors came together to form The Connecticut Child Care Association (CCCA). The CCCA strives to represent the interest of members in terms of legislative and regulatory issues within the state. While aiming to improve the interest of members in terms of policies and regulatory issues, the CCCA also strives to enhance the quality of all programs in the childcare field. To ensure an adequate representation on the board, private child care providers represent an appropriate portion of the board. By having both for-profit and non-profit members, the CCCA is able to make decisions and changes to cover all aspects of child care programs in the most cost-effective way.

Members of the CCCA receive various benefits along with having representation with legislation. Members are granted access to a National Organization’s discounts, including free shipping and large discounts at supply stores. Along with the benefit of discounts, members receive access to a database of tools exclusively for Early Childhood directors and owners. This database provides in-depth information on how to run a high quality center, including handbooks, assessment tools, curriculums, as well as HR policies. Lastly, members have the benefit of meeting with one another, building a network and sharing knowledge and experiences.

For more information visit the Connecticut Child Care Association website.

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