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The Early Childhood Association of Oklahoma


Location: Oklahoma

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Early Childhood Association of Oklahoma (ECAO) strives to create a network of professionals, to create and enhance leadership, as well as to provide support to those working in the field of early childhood. The ECAO works to meet the needs and rights of young children, as well as those who provide quality care for young children and families.

The ECAO functions under a shared vision by all members. The ECAO and their members believe in instilling commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm to all providing care and education to young children through opportunities to participate and contribute to critical issues facing the field. The ECAO supports and encourages diversity as well as the creation of networks amongst members of the industry. The ECAO works to provide opportunities for professionals to grow through personal and professional development, leadership, as well as through the creation of an organizational structure to coordinate and offer services.

For more information visit the The Early Childhood Association of Oklahoma website.

Lillio's work involves collaborating with early care and education associations
to support their efforts in teacher empowerment and parent engagement