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Georgia Child Care Associations


Location: Georgia

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

Representing over 900 public, private, and corporate child care centers across the state, the Georgia Child Care Association (GCCA) strives to promote and support the highest quality and professionalism in the field of early learning. GCCA supports members, parents, children and the community to achieve their goals in terms of childcare and early education. The GCCA offers support, professional development, advocacy, as well as awareness and community leadership.

Since their creation in 1977, the GCCA has had three main focuses; to advocate, to communicate, and to educate. The GCCA advocates quality, affordability, and accessibility for working parents. The GCCA consists of members from various positions within the field, from policy makers and regulations, to educators and directors. The GCCA communicates openly with parents and the community to ensure that issues currently facing parents and children are met in a timely manner. Lastly, the GCCA strives to ensure all programs and centers have a solid understanding of all state requirements in terms of licensing and policies. The GCCA educates all members to ensure professional development for long-term sustainability.

There are various issues that matter most to the GCCA. A main concern of the GCCA is to maintain and increase the overall quality of licensed programs. By maintaining quality, a center is likely to improve their transparency, creating open communication between parents and educators. The GCCA wants to provide subsidies for low income families while providing reimbursement to centers at market-rates, which in turn, provides funds to increase the quality of care at the center. Lastly, the GCCA maintains and creates regulations to keep children safe and healthy.

For more information visit the Georgia Child Care Associations website.

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