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Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services


Location: Kentucky

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services (KPECS) works to provide services of the highest quality for all children and families in the state of Kentucky. KPECS engages children, families, and the community of early education to create lifelong learning while focusing on increasing quality through the use of collaborative research.

To ensure their goals are achieved, KPECS is affiliated with Child Care Aware of Kentucky to provide referrals for child care, training's, credentials, as well as scholarship programs. Along with Child Care Aware, KPECS is affiliated with the Kentucky Early Childhood Data System. KPECS is able to utilize the research conducted by the Kentucky Early Childhood Data System to increase the quality of curriculum's throughout the state. The data obtained also allows for the creation of a benchmark standard for young children. By having knowledge of where the average child is in terms of their education, KPECS is able to customize curriculum's for all children, ensuring quality education for all.

For more information visit the Kentucky Partnership for Early Childhood Services website.

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