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Minnesota Association of Child Care Professionals


Location: Minnesota

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Minnesota Association of Child Care Professionals (MACCP) works to support and provide services for child and families within the state of Minnesota. By advocating for policy improvements, MACCP aims to strengthen the field of family and child care. MACCP works with policymakers in order to create positive changes in child care and increase the quality of services. While working to promote positive changes, MACCP also works to educate both the community as well as lawmakers, of the importance of early education and child care while simultaneously promoting quality care. To ensure quality care is provided, quality educators are needed. Through MACCP, educators have access to personal development opportunities as well as are given the tools to meet specific needs of individual families.

MACCP is a not for profit association, working with various licensed family child care providers throughout the state. MACCP is a member run organization, using each dollar they receive to implement change for the industry. MACCP believes that it is essential that it is those in the field should be making the big decisions and that those who will be most impacted get a voice in the implementation and changes in policies.

For more information visit the Minnesota Association of Child Care Professionals website.

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