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National Education Association


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Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

With one hundred educators united as the voice of public education, the National Education Association (NEA) was created in 1857. As the nation’s largest organization of professional employees, with over 3 million members in more than 14,000 communities across the United States, the NEA is the largest organization for professional employees who are dedicated to providing advancements in public education. The NEA is an advocate to unite educators across the nation to ensure that public education is preparing each and every student for a successful future in our ever changing, diverse world.

In order to effectively achieve their mission, the NEA follows core values and principles. Each and every student has the right to obtain quality education through a public school program that allows the individual to develop their potential, independence as well as character. A vital aspect to the creation of worth, dignity and diversity in society beings in the public school system. A public education provides individuals with invaluable skills such as to be informed, involved and engaged in our representative democracy. The experience, expertise as well as judgment of educators in the public sphere is crucial for student success.

The NEA believes that it is essential to partner with families, communities and stakeholders, to maintain the quality of education and student success. By working together, individuals become strengthened and work for the common good. By uniting collectively, both professional status as well as the public education system will improve. By following their mission and core values, the NEA is determined to improve the quality of education, to increase achievement, and creating a safer place to learn.

For more information visit the National Education Association website.

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