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Nevada State Education Association


Location: Nevada

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

As the trusted expert in Education, the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) strives to provide exceptional public education to every student in the state. The NSEA represents educational professionals within the state of Nevada. The NSEA states that “educating children is what we know, what we do, and what matters most to us.” As the education of children is at the core motivator of the NSEA, the association works to provide quality teaching and learning, parental involvement and increase the accountability of students. The NSEA is a leader in politics within the field of early education and prides themselves on being a well-balanced, democratic organization.

The NSEA has four core values, members, justice, equality, and advocacy. As a member driven organization, members determine the agenda and govern the organization. Along with governing the organization, members have collective bargaining rights in order to protect member rights. Members of the NSEA work to create quality schools and educators along with quality students and communities. In order to achieve these goals, NSEA partners with students, families, the community as well as stakeholders who support the vision and values of the NSEA.

For more information visit the Nevada State Education Association website.

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