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New Jersey Child Care Association


Location: New Jersey

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

New Jersey Child Care Association (NJCCA) strives to provide guidance and assistance to both management as well as the administration of child care centers and providers in the state of New Jersey. NJCCA works to lead the industry in excellence. To achieve excellence, the NJCCA provides professional development opportunities to individuals in the field and provides accreditation and certification. Along with development opportunities, NJCCA participates in the latest trends in curriculum and child development as well as have the opportunity to network with their peers.

NJCCA is a not-for-profit organization working with single and multiple site centers. NJCCA works exclusively as a volunteer run organization. The hardworking owners and operators of child care centers in New Jersey provide exceptional resources to all involved in the early education of young children throughout the state.

For more information visit the New Jersey Child Care Association website.

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