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The Pennsylvania State Education Association


Location: Pennsylvania

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) was created in 1852 by schoolteachers who needed a way to communicate across the state. The PSEA was founded under a goal to share information and techniques and to transform teaching from a transient job into a true profession. As the largest organization for educators in the state of Pennsylvania, the PSEA continues their role in the preservation of public education. The PSEA is the foundation of the commonwealth's past and future.

The PSEA believes that a great public education benefits not only the individual student, it benefits the community and society as a whole. With more than 180,000 members, PSEA members range from public school teachers and support staff to educators at higher education institutes as well as individuals in the field of health care, such as nurses. Together, the PSEA is able to work towards reasonable compensation and benefits, promote and maintain the rights of educators and members while also advocating for the field of education as a whole.

The PSEA states that their members are everyday heroes, as educators are passionate about educating, ensuring that every student is provided with a learning environment that positively affects their learning. Members of the PSEA make for stronger schools, strong students and even stronger communities.

For more information visit the The Pennsylvania State Education Association website.

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