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Professional Family Child Care Association


Location: Utah

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

As the second state in the United States to create a formal association for educators and families, The Professional Family Child Care Association (PFCCA) works to inspire children to learn and to achieve their full potential. The PFCCA works with child care providers to increase the overall quality of services, as well as raising awareness of the profession across the state.

Since their creation, the focus and overall vision of the PFCCA, formerly the Utah Family and Child Care Association, has remained constant; supporting the needs of children while promoting education and assisting education providers. The PFCCA firmly believes that strong early education will create stable children, stable families, and create stronger communities.

Members of the PFCCA are connected through a common goal; providing access to high-quality family child care to every family in the state of Utah. PFCCA members demonstrate professionalism and pride in what they do. The PFCCA wishes to instill the pride the members possess into every family child care provider statewide.

For more information visit the Professional Family Child Care Association website.

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