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Rhode Island Child Care Directors Association


Location: Rhode Island

Child care associations promote the education and well-being of children, families, and child care providers.

Rhode Island Child Care Directors Association (RICCDA) promotes excellence in the field of early childhood education through professional leadership, providing professional networks and communities, as well as providing a support system for all child care centers in the state of Rhode Island. The RICCDA and their members work as a community to achieve their goals. Goals of RICCDA include but are not limited to, acting as a liaison between those working in the field and agencies and policy makers, providing support and resources to all in the field of child care as well as providing training and support to directors and staff. Lastly, RICCDA works to provide information to the general public about the importance of early education and the issues facing the field.

Along with working towards a communal goal, RICCDA members are offered the opportunity to partake in peer-to-peer networking and community building amongst professionals in the field. Members are able to vocalize their concerns while simultaneously being a voice influencing the future of early childhood education. Lastly, members of the RICCDA receive training opportunities and are provided with access to restricted information provided by the RICCDA.

For more information visit the Rhode Island Child Care Directors Association website.

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