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Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children

Location: Alabama, US

Authors: Alabama Department of Children’s Affairs: Office of School Readiness

The Developmental Standards Handbook was developed by the Office of School Readiness (OSR). The intentions of the handbook was to create a standard to be held, statewide to define the level of readiness that four-year-olds possess for school. School readiness works to ensure that all children in the state of Alabama begin school possessing enthusiasm for learning, ability to behave and thrive in social situations, possess the ability to communicate appropriately, as well as having physical and emotional skills.

The school readiness standard works to enforce and promote partnerships between not only parents and teachers, but also with the community and the state. The Handbook works to encourage children to explore, be social, and show curiosity and creativity as well as promoting independence and a sense of responsibility among children. The Department of Children’s Affairs (DCA) believes that a child who is ready for kindergarten will learn better in school than those who have not followed the handbook. The DCA works to promote a stronger society through their youngest members.

The DCA has worked extensively with the Alabama Department of Education to create these standards for preschool children. Both departments work to ensure that all children in the state are provided with the same opportunities and are equally ready to begin school.

For more information, visit the Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children website.

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