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Delaware Early Learning Foundations for Infant, Toddler and Preschool

Location: Delaware, US

Authors: Delaware Department of Education, Early Development and Learning Resources

The Delaware Early Learning Foundations provide a broad picture of what happens to children as they develop from infants. Children develop as they observe and participate in the many activities that happen during their early lives, including activities with the adults who care for them. The Foundations is intended to serve as a way for adults to ensure that they are making available appropriate and needed activities to support children’s growth and development.

The Foundations serves as a curriculum framework that can be used as a guide for daily and monthly planning. The Foundations are linked to the skill expectations children will develop as they grow which are divided into the domains of Social Emotional, Language and Literacy, Discoveries, and Physical Development and Health.

The Foundations incorporates learning opportunities that are intended to be sets of broad-based activities through which children are exposed to new learning concepts, providing them the opportunity to acquire new skills, practice those skills, as well as master previously learned skills.

The curriculum framework and learning opportunities provide a solid basis upon which early childhood professionals can plan their daily, monthly, and annual instructional activities. Professionals are encouraged to use the Foundations as they plan their daily, weekly, and year-long classroom activities with young children.

For more information, visit the Delaware Early Learning Foundations for Infant, Toddler and Preschool website.

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