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Florida Early Learning and Development Standards: Birth to Five

Location: Florida, US

Authors: Florida Office of Early Learning (OEL), Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning (DOE)

Florida’s Early Learning and Developmental Standards contain age-appropriate information and reflections about how young children explore, create and think. The Standards are grounded in Florida’s conviction that children’s early experiences are directly related to later success in school, in the workforce, and in life. The Standards are offered to parents, caregivers, and teachers so that their interactions with young children in the home, and in School Readiness, Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK), and other early care and education programs can build upon children’s emerging talents and strengths in appropriate and enriching ways.

The Standards are organized into five domains, or areas of development. The domains include: Physical Development; Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Language and Communication; Cognitive Development and General Knowledge. Each domain is divided into sub-domains that focus on specific areas and the Standards themselves are found within the sub-domains. Practical examples are provided to help educators understand each Standard.

The Standards can be used to help adults understand what children may be able to do, and what to expect as they develop; guide parents, caregivers, and teachers as they plan intentional and appropriate experiences for young children; act as a tool for enriching the experiences of young children with special needs; and create a common language for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

For more information, visit the Florida Early Learning and Development Standards: Birth to Five website.

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