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Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

Location: Idaho, US

Authors: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

The Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines is a foundational resource document which can be utilized for detailed guidelines for early childhood development, as well as a series of collateral products to meet the needs of those who work directly with children.

The Idaho eGuidelines are based on research from various theoretical perspectives, and are specifically intended to acknowledge and accommodate cultural differences. They emphasize that young children's learning is individual, interconnected, and multidimensional and that young children develop at individual rates physically, socially, emotionally, linguistically, and cognitively. They also underscore shared responsibility and shared accountability for development in terms of both learning opportunities and outcomes for children.

The eGuidelines are arranged into five developmental and learning domains: Approaches to Learning and Cognitive Development; Physical Well-Being, Health, and Motor Development; Social and Emotional Development; General Knowledge; and Communication, Language, and Literacy.

The document is ultimately designed as a resource to support the growth and development of young children from birth through third grade. The information in the document applies regardless of the setting: children's own homes, others' homes, child care programs, early intervention programs, Head Start programs; or in private, faith-based, or public schools.

For more information, visit the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines website.

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