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Kansas Early Learning Standards

Location: Kansas, US

Authors: Kansas Early Learning Standards Committee

The Kansas Early Learning Standards work to provide a standardized set of skills and abilities that children whom have received quality early learning should be able to achieve by the age of 5. The Kansas Early Learning Standards are aligned with the k-12 content standards and the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards to ensure readiness for kindergarten for all children. The standards allow for a common language between parents and professionals in the field of early education, as all are working from the same document.

The standards also allow for improved learning as well as teaching and planning. The standards work will all children, including those who have disabilities as well as those from diverse backgrounds and languages. The standards allow for great flexibility. It is essential to note that the standards are not to be used in lieu of a curriculum. The Kansas Early Learning Standards allow for the smooth transition from early care to kindergarten while documenting developmental growth, not to be used as an evaluation to diagnose a child or hold a child back.

For more information, visit the Kansas Early Learning Standards website.

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