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Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines

Location: Nebraska, US

Authors: Nebraska Department of Education

Nebraska’s Early Learning Guidelines has been separated into two separate documents, birth to three years of age and three to five years of age. The goal of the guidelines is to create standardized expectations of learning and development for children. The guidelines provide support to both parents and educators to increase learning and development meaningful experiences to assist with proper growth. It is to be noted that the guidelines are meant to act as a resource and are not to be used to diagnose or limit a child.

Both the birth to three years as well as three to five year guidelines, follow the same format. The main domains of the guidelines are social and emotional development, approaches to learning, health and physical development, language and literacy, mathematics, science, and creative arts. Each individual domain is broken down to include expectations, the action that demonstrates learning has occurred, as well as the environment in which the action occurred.

For more information, visit the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines website.

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