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New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care

Location: New Brunswick, CA

Authors: The Government of New Brunswick, University of New Brunswick Early Childhood Centre

The New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care addresses the need to value and support the learning and care of New Brunswick’s youngest children by providing the foundation for an emergent and engaging curriculum for children from birth to five that encourages optimum development in an atmosphere of trust, security, and respect.

Suited for home-based and centre-based care, the framework can be used as a source of information for parents, early childhood educators, and other professionals and paraprofessionals. It is intended to facilitate continuity of learning and care by connecting to diverse home practices, linking with other community-based programs and supports, and complementing the school curriculum.

The vision underlying the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework is that all children will grow to their fullest potential with dignity, a sense of self-worth, and a zest for living and learning. It is a holistic vision that seeks to provide the environment and resources needed to support dynamic development in young children who are curious, courageous, and confident in their pursuit of knowledge and skills; secure in their linguistic and cultural identities; respectful of diversity; and contributing to the development of a just and democratic society that nurtures connection and care for life on the earth.

In keeping with contemporary research and theory, the framework emphasizes responsive relationships, children’s strengths, and engaging environments. It views children as confident, active learners whose learning, growth, and development are profoundly influenced by the quality of their relationships with people and their interactions with places and things. Also, play is acknowledged in the framework as integral to children’s learning and richly formative in their capacity for relationships.

For more information, visit the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care website.

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