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New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards and Birth to Three Early Learning Standards

Location: New Jersey, US

Authors: New Jersey Department of Education

The New Jersey Teaching and Early Learning Standards provide families, child care providers, and early childhood teachers with research-based information to support the best learning and development for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The Standards provide a common framework for understanding and communicating developmentally appropriate expectations for young children and are based on research about what children should know and do in different domains of learning and development.

The Birth to Three Early Learning Standards provide information which can be used to better understand developmentally appropriate expectations for infants and toddlers; promote healthy child growth and development, high quality child care and early childhood education for all children birth to three; and to provide a common framework for those who are providing services to benefit families with infants and toddlers.

The Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards are grounded in a strong theoretical framework for delivering high quality educational experiences to preschoolers. The Standards define supportive learning environments for preschool children, provide guidance on the assessment of young children, articulate optimal relationships between and among families, the community, and preschools, and identifies expected learning outcomes for preschool children by domain, as well as developmentally appropriate teaching practices that are known to support those outcomes.

The preschool standards represent what preschool children know and can do in the context of a high quality preschool classroom and are intended to be used as a resource for ensuring appropriate implementation of the curriculum, a guide for instructional planning, a framework for ongoing professional development, and a framework for the development of a comprehensive early childhood education assessment system.

The New Jersey Birth to Three Early Learning Standards was developed by the New Jersey Council for Young Children with permission from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

For more information, visit the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards and Birth to Three Early Learning Standards website.

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