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New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines

Location: New Mexico, US

Authors: New Mexico State Children, Youth and Families Department, Department of Health and Public Education Department

New Mexico’s Early Learning Guidelines works as a framework to track and document the development and growth of children. The guidelines have been created o compliment the most recent research in child development. The guidelines are to be used by educators and parents alike to promote growth and development through planning and assessments. The guidelines are inclusive to all children from diverse backgrounds as well as to children with disabilities. The guidelines not only serve to assist with the development of children, it also works as a common vocabulary for educators and parents, to ensure all are working towards the same goals.

The New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines are to be used as a resource for educators to assist in child development and not to be used as a strict curriculum. The guidelines are to be flexible and not be used to hold children back or diagnose a child. The guidelines are used to compliment the curriculum and meaningful activities designed for the children.

For more information, visit the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines website.

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