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New York State Early Learning Guidelines

Location: New York, US

Authors: New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council, New York State Council on Children and Families

The New York State Early Learning Guidelines support early childhood educators in making informed decisions about how best to support and promote development and learning. The Guidelines provide the information that educators require to decide how to create welcoming environments that reflect children’s families, interests, cultures, and differing abilities; build warm and trusting relationships children and families; and offer learning opportunities that build on children’s current knowledge while stretching their thinking and extending what they know about themselves, relating to others and the world around them.

The Guidelines cover developmental milestones across four domains of learning: Physical Well-Being, Health and Motor Development; Social and Emotional Development; Approaches to Learning; Cognition and General Knowledge; and Language, Communication and Literacy. These milestones cover the generally accepted areas that encompass development of the whole child.

For more information, visit the New York State Early Learning Guidelines website.

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