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Childcare Case Studies

Hear stories from our happy customers

Check stories from real-life centers and learn more about why they chose HiMama and how we have helped them to improve performance and communication. Also, read our featured interviews to learn more about the goals, joys and challenges of early childhood educators just like you.

Evidence of HiMama’s Impact in the Classroom

A research team from the University of Guelph conducted a study on the impact of child care software on communication between families and educators. Here's what they found out.

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Childcare Case Studies

Our case studies show an in-depth analysis of childcare centers that are using Lillio. By reading stories from educators just like you, we hope that you will have a better insight of the process of implementing our app and utilizing it on a day-to-day basis. Our case studies provide a perspective of how these centers improved communication with parents and what are their favorite features. In this section, you can also find full interviews with early childhood educators. They share details about their journeys, and what are their biggest challenges and joys.

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