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Customers/Muddy Feet Early Learning

Increasing professionalism and respect for early childhood educators with Lillio

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The Challenge

Parents viewing early childhood education as “babysitting”

“HiMama helped start the transition from parents thinking we were babysitters, to looking at us as educators”

Amanda Shroyer is the Executive Director for Muddy Feet Early Learning in Markle, Indiana. Amanda has been in the field of early learning for 17 years, and has been a HiMama customer for almost 6 of those years. Like many early learning professionals, Amanda faces the uphill battle of fighting for increased professionalism and respect for the work her and her educators do each day. 

Six years ago, Muddy Feet Early Learning used pen and paper for all their documentation and communication. Activities and daily observations for each child were taking them hours to accomplish, and time was being lost even further as they had to make copies of each daily report for family members. Copies that, unfortunately, would often be found forgotten in cubbies at the end of the day. 

“Parents would message us at home saying they forgot the daily report and would ask questions about what they ate and how they slept. It was just too much – it was doubling our work” 

- Amanda Shroyer

Not only did Amanda find their pen and paper method was increasing their workload, but they often wouldn’t even have time in the day to write out the detailed learning observations that they wanted to. 

“Sometimes I could hardly add any activities to the daily report because I was so tired and simply didn’t have the time. The handwritten documentation that was going to families was just not professional”  

Amanda knew they could do better, and that they were not giving an accurate depiction of the professional and important work they do with the children each day. Amanda set out to make a change. 

The Solution

Providing more professional and detailed communication to families

“The educators can now provide activity updates on a much deeper level with HiMama. We can take parents beyond a simple – we read a book”

They brought HiMama into their center and immediately noticed a change. HiMama helped to not only streamline all their little tasks, but it provided a more convenient and professional way to communicate with families. Not to mention also helping educators feel more seen and valued for their work. 

Today, when educators need to add activities to a daily report, instead of scrambling to find the time to quickly write down “we read a book”, they can go much deeper than that, and at a much faster rate. With HiMama, the educators can upload the activity and automatically attach their state’s early learning standards. Gone are the days of trying to find an hour to write it all out. Amanda shares that this has helped the educators communicate the learning that is happening with families in a more professional and meaningful way than they were ever able to before.

The Result

Increased trust and respect from families

“I have seen a shift over the years as we use HiMama. It seems that the parents not only trust us more, but they have started asking our opinion more often, and how they can even continue this quality learning at home”

- Amanda Shroyer

Like many passionate educators, Amanda was determined to change the perception that her educators are “babysitters” and that they are “watching” the children for the day. Amanda wanted families to recognize and understand the professional and quality work that they do on a daily basis. 

As a center that follows a play-based curriculum, Amanda noted that many families had a hard time understanding the concept of their curriculum and learning philosophy. But as they switched to HiMama and were able to provide parents with quality ongoing documentation, parents started to see the value and appreciate the professional work of all the educators at the center.

“Being able to provide that constant evidence of what we are doing though HiMama, has really helped to increase our level of professionalism” 

- Amanda Shroyer

50-100 children
Indiana, USA
Single Center

Amanda Shroyer


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