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Why did we change
our name to Lillio?

Nov 15, 2023 | 5 minute read

When we founded HiMama just over a decade ago, we wanted to help childcare programs everywhere to engage and delight families through daily communication. The name “HiMama” was meant to capture the sweetness, warmth, and joy behind families getting to peek inside their child’s day and be greeted by their smiling faces. Today, HiMama has evolved into so much more than a platform for family communication. It is time for our name to evolve along with us. And while we wanted a name that would reflect our journey from software provider to fulsome early education company–we’re also keenly aware that the name HiMama often felt exclusionary to the diverse programs and families that we are so grateful to serve.

A New Future

As we look toward our future as Lillio, we’re proud to have added comprehensive center management tools, high-quality curriculum, and engaging professional development opportunities to our suite of solutions. To us, so much of what makes early childhood education so magical has been getting lost. From overwhelming requirements for rigorous curriculum implementation to time-consuming, almost clinical, data-focused assessment processes, for so many teachers, the joy and creativity of caregiving has been replaced by data and a developmentally inappropriate focus on academic outcomes. It’s time to get back to basics. At Lillio, we are committed to serving the field as an authentic voice of the ECE workforce, and helping to swing the pendulum back to what early educators have always known to matter most for children’s successful development and learning: relationships, play, creativity, and loving, nurturing caregiving.

While our name may be changing, we want to assure you that nothing else will. For the last ten years, we’ve prided ourselves on our dedication to responsive customer service and to listening to and delivering on your needs. Staying true to our company values is something we’ll never deviate from, no matter what else may change

We’ve included some FAQs below to help you navigate through our name change and what it means for you (hint: nothing different!) And we’re proud to also share our updated Lillio brand values with you, to help reassure you that we’re just as committed to your success as we have been from the very beginning.

Our 5 new brand values

  • Practice accountability

  • Embrace community

  • Innovate purposefully

  • Create impactful change

  • Act with care and empathy