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Daycare Allergy Form

Use this daycare allergy form to record allergies, symptoms, and remedies that should be used, as well as the parents and physician's contact information.

Daycare Allergy Form

Keep track of allergies and symptoms from your preschool students with this easy to use allergy form.

Daycare Allergy Form

Allergies vary from child to child and come in a variety of forms and severity. They can be seasonal, respiratory, food-related, skin-related or even a one-off occurrence like a bee sting. These are important to keep track of to avoid unnecessary complications. Teachers should be vigilant in observing the child’s reaction and work closely with families if they suspect any allergies.

Documenting these observations will give both teacher and parents enough of evidence to have a more in-depth conversation with the child’s pediatrician. It is also important to keep staff very well informed about who in the center has allergic concerns.

Younger toddlers and babies in a child care setting can have hidden allergies, and staff know this. They closely watch all children in their care, as an undiagnosed allergy (or another medical issue) can pop up suddenly, and noticing symptoms early is key.

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