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Daycare Daily Schedule Templates

Planning fun and engaging activities every week can be a lot of work. Allow Lillio to make your life a little easier with our daycare schedule templates. Don’t be shy, try one!

Daily Activity Schedule

A perfect starter daily schedule sheet for your childcare center. Download this if you need individual daily sheets!

Weekly Activity Schedule (5 day week)

Get a weekly activity schedule for your weekday children. Download this if you need a 5 day weekly activity planner!

Weekly Activity Schedule (7 day week)

Get a weekly activity schedule that covers all 7 days. Download this if you need a 7 day weekly activity planner!

New Design

This redesigned version of our daily schedule gives you a fresh look, if you want to change things up.

What is a daycare daily schedule?

Daycare daily schedules are used by caregivers, home daycare providers and teachers to keep track of planned activities and share those plans with families. Some educators may include meal, snack times and naps in addition to learning activities, circle time, and games on their timetables. You can plan out your activities on your printouts either by day or by week.

Why is it important to use a daycare schedule template?

We know it can get hectic in the classroom! While it may be tempting to try to wing your daycare lesson plans, it can be incredibly beneficial to document your schedules in advance. Here are a few reasons why they can be useful:

  • Preparation for daily activities: By taking the time to fill out a daycare activity schedule, you will be more prepared for lessons, and able to check if you have the resources and supplies needed in advance to do a certain activity.

  • Ensuring variety of skills and domains covered: You can also ensure that your daily plan cover activities that allow children to use varying skills. For example, dramatic play versus finger painting strengthen different developmental skills and give the day some variety for your preschoolers!

  • Establish daily daycare routines: Infants and toddlers thrive on routine, and scheduling naps and meals for the same time every day can help to make the transition into a child care center much smoother. Having these activities in your preschool calendar will help you get into the routine too!

  • Keep families in the loop: Families LOVE to know what is going on in their child's classroom. If you can make your daily schedule for toddlers in daycare available to parents they will feel much more at ease, and can even continue the learning at home.

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