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Parent Information Sheets

This parent information sheet is designed so that you can easily access each child’s family information when you need it. Encourage parents to fill them up!

Parent Information Sheets

Encourage parents to fill up this child information sheet so you can easily access this information when needed.

Parent Information Sheets

Since you are with your students more than administration, it’s important to have this information at all times even if they have it on file in the office. After having each parent fill this sheet out (Back to School Night or at time of enrollment is the best time for this), then place each form in a clear protector sheet and then in a binder to keep them all together. In that binder, you can also have incident report forms and extra copies of these contact forms for when parents need them. Encourage parents to update forms whenever there are changes like a phone number or address. This is so important that you are always prepared in an emergency and that you have access to their contact information at a moment’s notice.

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