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Preschool Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plans should be succinct and easy to follow. This preschool lesson plan template will help you see each week at a glance to cover activities that maximize learning outcomes.

Lesson Plan Template

Plan for the week ahead with this easy lesson plan template. Log activities, domain, skills, and indicators.

Preschool Lesson Plan Template

Our free preschool lesson plan template will help you prep the materials you need in advance. This printable makes it easy to reference it quickly rather than feeling like you need to read through an entire 10-page dissertation. Allow yourself a few days to plug in your ideas during the week so that you aren’t cramming it into one sitting on a Sunday night. Make it so that if a substitute teacher would pick it up, she would be able to teach from it easily. Try to keep it to one page if you can so that you can hang it in the same place each week for reference. This template is a great tool to keep you organized, prepared, and not overwhelmed.

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