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Nanny Log - Baby Feeding
& Sleep Template

This nanny log template makes it easy to record feedings, sleep, diaper changes and activities. Since you have such a well run classroom, and every parent needs a night or day out, this is a great tool to share with them!

Nanny Log

Set babysitters up for success with this log template that mimics what you do at preschool.

Nanny Log - Baby Feeding & Sleep Template

This template mimics what you do at school and allows for the flow of a child’s schedule to continue at home when parents are away for the day. Communication is the most important when it comes to caring for children, so this template sets the babysitter up for success. It is easy to fill in without taking too much time away from the children, and it helps parents feel at ease leaving their children in someone else’s care, even for a few hours.

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