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Child Observation Report Template

Observations are the best way to assess children in preschool, and child observation reports are really useful in order to gain insight into how each child is doing. Choose different children to observe on a regular basis, and fill out this extremely user friendly form so that you can build content on each child.

Observation Report

Fill out these quick activity observation reports to gain insights into how each child is doing in preschool.

Child Observation Report Template

"It is important to know the individual goals for each child so that you can try to observe them naturally when the opportunity arises. For example, if you know that Tommy has a lot of trouble taking turns and respecting others, and you see him join a friend to play a matching game, grab one of these activity observation reports and write down what you see happen. Be factual and use bullet points rather than full sentences so that you can do this with ease and “on the fly.” Filling these out will help keep you accountable for when you need to meet with parents about specific goals and progress. Keep these templates handy on a clipboard and hang in your classroom!

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