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Parent Association Overview

It is a benefit to parents, educators and children alike when a childcare center has a parent association. Use this overview to set up your childcare center's parent group!

Parent Association Overview

Use this overview to set up your childcare center parent association!

Parent Association Overview

A parent association is an organization run by the parents of children who attend a specific childcare center. The organization raises funds and arranges activities to enrich the lives of the children in and out of the classroom. All parents are welcome to join! Parents volunteer their time to participate. Association members are parents who have volunteered to take charge of particular tasks.  

Parents and guardians contribute their voice, energy, and ideas through active involvement. Being present at meetings and functions conveys a commitment to their children’s education.

Parent associations build a community around your childcare center. They provide an opportunity for parents to get to know each other and better support educators and children. Download this free printable overview to get your parent association set up for success!

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