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Preschool Progress
Report Template

This preschool progress report is a gem and a must have! It serves as a great checkpoint tool for the domains of learning on one easy-to-read sheet.

Preschool Progress Report Template

Check the progress of each student with this must have sheet for the domains of learning.

Preschool Progress Report Template

When checking the progress of each student, wait until a child is in your program long enough so that you can get to know them. Choose “checkpoint” times of the year to assess the progress, and find a time during the day to work individually on these skills with each student. This should be a fun activity time with students, so be sure to use this template as a guide for YOU, but not for the student to use. For example, when checking progress on shapes, don’t just point to the circle on the progress report template. Instead, use a shape puzzle or shape sorter toy to have the child play with and identify shapes. The same goes for letters. Don’t just point to the letters on the template in alphabetical order. Use flash cards or alphabet magnets out of order for letter identification. This template can be stored in each child’s portfolio and also used to give to parents at parent/teacher conferences. To have all of this one one sheet is wonderful!

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