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Preschool Teacher
Evaluation Form

Evaluate your preschool teachers in a transparent manner from professionalism to teamwork with this helpful form. Highlight the areas where staff is rocking it, and find together points that can be improved on.

Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form

These posters are fun reminders to maintain social distancing at all times.

Preschool Teacher Evaluation Form

Whether you are leading a team or interested in your own professional growth, taking some time to evaluate progress is key to delivering quality programming to the children and families we serve. The key to getting it right is to turn this traditionally stressful experience into an exercise to get to know your team.

Teacher evaluations do not have to be complicated and should never be to focus on the flaws in an educator’s practice. On the contrary, they should serve as a space to talk about an educator’s performance as a whole, what challenges they are facing, and how to support them. This means starting with what an educator is doing well, and then where they can improve.

Our preschool teacher evaluation form help you to assess different areas of an educator's practice, such as professionalism, program development, work with children, family engagement and teamwork. There's so much more to talk about than their teaching practice.

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